• Ohé en Laak

    Ohe en Laak is situated together with Stevensweert located on the island in the river Meuse, a (former) island between two arms of the river Meuse, just west of the town of Echt. The old right arm is the Oude Maas. By sand and gravel pits in various places on the island there are several puddles form around the village, including the Dilkensplas, Schroevendaalse lake, Teggerse lake and most recently Molenplas.


    The lake was created from the last traditional gravel extraction, completed in 2008. The new nature has developed rapidly here around the lake and is now a real foraging area where many water birds, plants and animals have found a true paradise. Beavers and the grazing behavior of Galloway cattle and Konik horses originated a very varied nature.


    Maaseik is located on the left bank of the river Maas, in front of Dutch Limburg village Roosteren. Maas, here called Grensmaas, is the Belgian-Dutch border. The municipality Maaseik is part of the Limburg Maasland, which consists of the actual Maasvallei, which is about 4 km wide, and on either side thereof located terraces of the Maas. Over the centuries, the Meuse Bedding has increasingly shifted to the east, causing several old meanders into the landscape left behind.


    Stevensweert lies together with Ohe en Laak, on an island formed by two (former) arms of the Maas river, the "Island in the Maas'. The mainstream of the river, on which Stevensweert lies, is the natural border marker with Belgium and is therefore sometimes called "Grensmaas" (border-maas). The other arm is the "Oude maas" (old maas).


    Wessem is a small town in the municipality Maasgouw, in the Dutch province of Limburg, with more than 2100 inhabitants. Like many small towns in Limburg Wessem has a rural character and a rich history.

    Hompesche Molen

    In the middle of the island in the Meuse at Stevensweert you will find this ancient grain mill. The monument of nearly 300 years is the highest mill in Limburg!

  • The Sangershoeve

    On a higher part of the river bed at the Maas, called "On the mountain" by locals, lies a so called 'carré farm' that dates from the beginning of the 17th century.
    This is the Sangershoeve that was recently renovated and completely rebuild for recreative purposes.
    The Sangershoeve is a historical building on the Maas-island in Ohé and was formerly used as a mixed farmer company. The fruit trees that can be found here and there are the remaining evidence of this

    Close to the Sangershoeve is a beautiful nature area called 'de Molenplas'.
    This area is managed and kept in great shape by a Dutch organisation called 'Natuurmonumenten'.

    De Molenplas lays between the villages Ohé en Laak and Stevensweert. The farm has been built with original hand-formed bricks. The luxurious apartments are situated in the 'tiendschuur', a former grain barn.

    The campsite, situated at the former orchard, offers large stay-places that are perfectly maintained.

  • The mini-campsite has fourty wide, sunny though sheltered pitches (125 m²).
    Every pitch is equipped with 10 amps / 230 volts and waste water discharge.

    The campsite has various water taps. 
    Every caravan pitch has a fine layer of gravel (ground cloth allowed, but no longer necessary).
    Campers with a maximum length of 8 meters are weclome at our paved camperpitches.


  • In the uppper part of the tithe barn are four wide 2- to 4- person appartments located.

    The appartments are equipped with a large living with TV, DVD and internetconnection. In the luxurious kitchen of your appartment you will find a microwave oven, fridge with freezer and a 4-burner hob.

    Every appartment has a luxurious bathroom with a sink, a toilet and a storage closet with a safe.


  • Because of the unique location in the Maasplassen area, surrounded by the culturehistoric maasvillages like Stevensweert, Wessem, Thorn, Maaseik, Kessnich and Kinrooi, the Sangershoeve is the ideal staringpoint for many beautiful cyclingroutes through Middle-Limburg, Belgium and Germany.


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